Revisiting the Projector-Driven Mobile Experience

As I sit in my new place of residence, I look at my roomates’ monitors that they connect to their laptops and start to connect my N8 to one of them. Then I stopped. Yea, I can connect to these screens and then using the Apple Bluetooth keyboard and Zeemote joystick navigate my device (using Nokia’s Big Screen app at that). But, I stopped part-way into going to connect it. It didn’t make sense. I’ve got unused walls, and honestly would like to carve some of my own “screen space” into the residence. That’s when I thought again about getting a projector and adding that to the mini-bag of “mobile office” components that I should probably employ more often than not.

As I look at the mini-bag, it has my HDMI connector, HDMI cable, VGA to SVGA adapter, USB host adapter with backup 32GB USB memory key attached, and my Zeemote joystick. Adding a projector – not a large one, but one that’s about the same size if not a touch thicker than my mobile – would be suitable for this.

I tried that some months ago and it was ok for the most part. I’ve got to figure a means to deal with the timeout for the Zeemote controller when I’m doing something like watching a long video/video clip or browsing. And then, I’d have the fun of wanting to scale all of the online items to something that’s comfortable for large-screen viewing (the 10ft view versus the 6in view of a mobile or 18in view of a laptop/PC). Its a problem that I’m willing to live with to see thru.

And then what? After getting a projector I would have to find a way to append how I work somehow. Like, what becomes of the iPad if I’m able to essientially make a larger screen wherever I go? Do I still need the tablet in many at-home or productivity sessions? Or, can the tablet take on a different form, something like another screen or even a replacement input device (imagine that, using an iPad as an input device for a Nokia Symbian mobile because it makes all kind of sense as a context-shifting input device, how’s that for far out).

Bah. This is all a good idea, but I need to find the projector, or at least the company that is willing to let me play with the idea with their projector long enough so that I can see the positives and negatives of something like this. Given my mobility, and just the experiments that I have with this tech, I’m sure that it would be quite off the wall… at least for those who don’t already have the Samsung Beam smartphone and are doing this kind of living already.

…they are doing this kind of living already – aren’t they?

One thought on “Revisiting the Projector-Driven Mobile Experience

  1. Its kind of funny, I’m using the monitor right now and am thinking of how apps like Nokia Big Screen can better adapt to a full mobile experience from that 10ft view; or how my keyboard and/or bluetooth joystick should be better able to adapt to that kind of usage without me needing to manually do anything. Yet, I say this with a mobile platform that’s supporting me doing this without much fuss. It just works. And because it does, I wonder about the experience pushing just a little bit further.

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