In 2-Device Mobility, What Mobile Is Needed

Samsung Wave III, via Mobile ReviewI’ve been thinking a good bit about my personal mobile strategy and how I would be best to continue if a tablet + mobile is going to be a part of things. I’ve lived so far with my Nokia N8 and 1st gen iPad getting along very well. I just wonder if I’m making the best use of both the technology and productivity.

Current Setup and Activity

As said before, I’ve got a smartphone (the Nokia N8) and a tablet (Apple iPad 16GB, WiFi). This combination has worked out quite well. For example, in my nomadic leanings, the Nokia is able to pin all of my communication needs against the wall. I can do Skype calls, SMS, IM (Google, Yahoo, AIM), as well as the usual voice. The battery life is such that with the exception of heavy GPS or photo days, I can pretty much ignore the battery. And on the weekend, I can stretch things a bit with its power saving feature.

The iPad is my reading and email triage machine. I keep most of the longer communications to this device. And then let it also play a role of being the screen that collects – pulling together media from various areas and then using the iPad to make it makes sense. In this way, its really is that blank canvas that allows me to pretty much just live.

A Poke of Thinking Differently

Mobiles are evolving (slowly). Those feature phones though are doing things that make me smile and consider a different approach. I read Mobile Review’s review of the Samsung Wave III, I started to reflect on whether I should reconsider going back to a feature phone. Between sheer ability and battery life, I’d be pretty set. I’d lose the wireless hotspot, and probably Skype and a few smaller apps, but mostly I’d be communications-cool.

Now, as I do things, I’m ok with using the iPad in shared WiFi settings. There are a few times when I need it privately, and appreciate having such an ability. But, mostly, I use it either connected to collect, or disconnected to create/compile. If connectivity isn’t a base for a tablet’s use, then I can push that screen into something quite different.

Perma-Shift to 2-Screened Mobility

Would you consider giving up your smartphone for a feature phone, and then beding your tablet use a bit if you were in a 2-device situation similar to what I’m talking of? Or, is one or more of those points too needed to shift right now?