Revisualizing the Management of Connected Spaces

The other day, I started drawing this on a sheet of paper when talking to a security professional about how my mind works, what I’ve done in the past, and what I’d like to pull off now. It then moved into Tactilis as I wanted to explore my thoughts a bit more and the drawing was incomplete.

I think this is possible, but it requires some more thought and a good bit more knowledge of the parts that are managed here. I do think though that both Nokia’s Mobile Web Server and iFMW were very close to doing just this – the brokering/montization aspects being the hardest parts to answer. But, if it were possible to be a decentralized, personal connectivity space (a real myspace if you will), the onus falls to each of us to deliberately act and connect with one another in a manner that will keep all connections alive – not just line the pockets of indirectly heard stakeholders.

Still thinking… always thinking…