Was just sitting with my bro when we talked some about the recent GigaOm article in regards to information work and how we measure time. The work day, at least now we do the M-F & 9-5 moment, was something that was an outgrowth of how factories were best managed, and forwarded (at least as far as I know) by Henry Ford. We basically haven’t been doing this very long, and yet people and companies are locked into it. Now, we have channels to work in which the dimensions of set times and workspaces becomes virtual, or not dependent so much on the time or space, just the finished product.

So, does the salaried, information worker need to be constrained to the same elements therefore? Should information workers "clock in?" Or, is there a better method for their work to be measured? Can such measurements be personalized according to the past trends of the worker as well as against some averaged benchmarks of similar positions in the company/industry? When information is time dependent, does that mean that the worker needs to be as well, or should the responsibility lie with managers to make sure that team members are positioned for an efficient completion of the task?

Are we ready to move from a model (for IT) that doesn’t serve this context, or will be be ruled by Spacely’s Spockets’ method of control?