I’ve been wondering for sometime what would be the best way to use Evernote to post to WordPress. I write most of my posts within Evernote before copying them (and doing some touch-up formatting) in WordPress. But I’ve have always wanted to trim that copy-paste step out and then make it just work. I’d been wanting for this to be something I’d find in Evernote Trunk (an add-ons service), yet haven’t seen it. Well, I’ve figured it out, and it was simpler than I thought. And with the update to using rich text elements in the iPad app, it actually makes even more sense for me to be doing it this way.

The process is not that hard to setup and do, but you will need to make sure to keep a few things handy so that you can pretty much fly from thinking to logging in Evernote to posting without much effort and from any device that can send email.

Step 1: Configure the Post by Email Option in your WordPress Blog

The first thing that you will need to do is to setup your WordPress blog to do posts with email addresses. Here’s the steps for that:

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Go to My Blogs (in the left hand menu)
  3. Click on Enable
  4. Now you’ll see an email address; copy that email address to the address book (create a new contact) of your mobile device (I called mine Send to Blog in the in the Company Name field)

Step 2: Create your Post in Evernote

Then you will want to do a test post. Within Evernote (doesn’t matter if you are using the browser or the application, though you might want to use the application since its a bit faster on most platforms). Create your post, adding whatever formatting, links, and pictures that you’d want to have.

Step 3: Send Post to WordPress from Evernote

After you’ve created the post (speaking from either the Evernote website or application), send the post to WordPress via email using the Contact that you created and saved in Step 1. And that’s it!

If you are using any Evernote applications that support rich text formatting, that formatting and any links will appear just as you formatted them within Evernote.

A Few Notes

Note #1: if you add multiple pictures to your note in Evernote, when it posts in WordPress, it will post as a picture gallery. You will also want to make sure that you don’t use too large of files if you are using the free WordPress.com account, you’ve only got so much space there before you are charged for additional space.

I did notice with a previous post that when I had multiple images in the note that they appeared twice in the post. This might have been an error on my part when adding the files to Evernote, but I’m note sure as of yet.

You will also notice that when you do this that the image will appear in the bottom of the post, not the top like it is here. I edited the post afterwards to have it appear at the top. It would seem that the best way to make it appear at the top is to manually put in the gallery short code.

Note #2: You will want to be associated with the short codes as noted in the the WordPress page for Post by Email. These will allow you to do things such as scheduled publishing, set categories, etc. I’ve got this bookmarked on my iPad as well as saved into Evernote for reference.

Note #3: You post will then appear on your website, with the prefaced header "Sent from Evernote, ." This is an HTML table set at the top of the post and can be removed by going into the WordPress dashboard and editing the post. I don’t see any means of changing that as that seems to be something appended to your email when sent from Evernote (I don’t mind it for other items, just these posts; if it were something to change before sending, that would be great).

Note #4: The first time I did this, I didn’t need to use the title short code. The second time, it seemed that I needed to do so. I’d probably recommend using it just to be safe. It totally killed my titles when I didn’t.