Driving Down the Road (Procreate) - Share on OviAm in the midst of my own wondering about how long I’ll stay in (mobile) computing. I’m just not sure if I’ll sit tight here. And then I go about reflecting on recent happenings and few articles – or at least the order in which I read them – wondering if computing has actually been overestimated or overhyped and some folks are figuring that out sooner than others.

You have the two largest computing companies in the world making drastic changes to their respective business models (Nokia and HP). Nokia (about a half decade ago) declared that their future would be in terms of becoming a contextual, services-enabler (essentially what Google is). HP has just shut down operations with making webOS devices and is moving into a services-software space (like IBM) without the consumer-product focus. That’s two large companies making a signifiant shift, and it seems to be a bit missed in much of the commentary about what’s happening.

Why would these two companies, who merely needed to clean up management execution since the vision seems to be correct, be making a shift at this point? Is there something about devices and software-based computing that while profitable aren’t ultimately sustainable? Nokia and HP conceding to the Apples and Googles of the world parts of the end-point, but making a shift to get into the pipe of what makes those companies success possible… could that be it?

What if computing for companies becomes a mastery of the humanities *and* analysis, and a mastery of computing for individuals becomes creating the value for humanities, and deriving the human potential in computation and analysis? In both, computing is just a widget to turn to make the other parts work, but not the key part. What if we’ve overestimated computing, and the impact of computing we need to focus more on (individually)? What then for this IT industry, those in it, and those pandering solutions that really aren’t (social media experts, gaming-enhanced location-based services, etc.)?

The thoughts and articles that poked this:

Honestly, there are a ton more articles that contribute to this. I am merely reflecting and this popped out right now. I don’t think it’s hard to discern that something is up. Just not sure what it is. Nor, how I will adjust myself to those realities/perceptions.