How Will My Mobile Deal with HTML5?

HTML5 logoLiving with Nokia devices is a lot like being in a nearly-realistic interpretation of Back to the Future. Many of the technologies that appear (beta and otherwise) in and around Nokia’s mobile devices are sometimes just out of reach of what’s happening with other devices. I’m talking of everything – they did touch screens, mobiles with all kinds of crazy form factors, high resolution cameras, way too many wireless radios, AI, open source technologies, web servers, on-board-blog-photo management systems that integrated with web services… I mean really, they’ve had bits and pieces of what’s happening now in mobile devices for a long time. And, true to form, they just weren’t able to put it in a pretty or accessible enough package that it made sense for everyone else. That was left for the Googles, Microsofts, and Apples of the world. That’s cool to an extent – but later it brings forth questions.
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