Talking About the Bike Fall

Well, Friday was fun. Afrer spending a few days pretty sick, I had an excellent bike ride throughout SW Philly, University City, the Parkway, and up Kelly Drive thru to Germantown. But then I fell. Fell hard. Nothing broken but bike, but man, you do appreciate safety items like a helmet and gloves just a little bit more.

Got a bike to get fixed now. And a wrist to take care of and get strengthened. But man, that was a nice ride. The weather was great, and there was just a general friendliness about the city. There were two people who attended to me right after I fell, the one woman had a spare shirt she offered me since I was bleeding pretty bad from above my eye.

The night before at #bikeschool the question was asked, “what would you do of you were told you couldn’t ride?” My answer was simple (to me), I would treat it like when I tore my ACL and the trainers said that I wouldn’t run again. Well, I ran again. And that’s how I feel about biking, I’ll bike again. This was a fall. A failure on my part to maintain control or go a bit slower on different grounds (trolley tracks and cobblestone streets). I got the lesson, but I’ll not stop riding.

Thanks to friends and family who have checked up on me the past days. Your words, bandages, and support have been awesome.