Reinventing the Executive Image of the BlackBerry Product Line

Its got to be very hard to design and market product lines for mobiles. Forget the consumers (me and you), just making something that will get enough attention from carriers when you don’t have the logistical and brand ability of a Nokia – to sell directly to people for a good chunk of your sales – has got to be hard. But, I think that in such a challenge comes the mandate to make sure that you are keeping things simple. Not just for your consumers and customers (read: carriers), but also for yourself as it would make it a lot easier for you to market an image or even make shifts when needed.

As I looked at the new RIM BlackBerry models., I couldn’t help but feel that RIM has lost that ability to identify with itself, and therefore has lost that ability for products to keep that cohesive message. Here’s a small attempt on my part to pare things down by using their product line as the hinge for reinventing their image.
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