A Different Profile

A Different Profile - Share on OviI turned from my reading to the mobile that was sitting on my desk. For years it had been the mobile that was in my hand, catching me up with the day and serving as the door-out for communication tasks for me. Yet, today I sat and saw it in a different perspective, a different profile than usual – I saw it as under-utilized.

An article published today at CNN talked about how Africa (the entirety of the continent’s peoples) could teach the [Western] world to innovate. There, the author talked about the silos that we have and how its so hard for us to see innovation because much of what we do is disconnected to how we live. But there, and in many other places in the world where living with access means also living lean, this perspective that a bicycle isn’t just an exercise device, its the generator to power your mobile, is something that I’ve long admired, and in many ways tried to emulate.

There’s a problem with doing that here though – at least when times weren’t as lean as they are now.

And now I see that mobile, pumping out music as it may, logging my rides, and coordinating meetings and trainings along the way, as more or less in its own silo. In the past, I took more chances at doing more through that mobile and that created the life that I’ve got right now. I’ve got to get back to that, take those chances. There’s something different, something more appreciated about life, when you can thread things together. I’m mobile, this should be the norm.

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