Miss Black Book Colored in Pink and Flesh - Share on OviWhen I set myself towards an unfamilar place
That crevice in time where there’s action, reaction, and response
I’m listening for something similar
Perhaps I am also looking to be understood
And the clouds that cover the sun for their moment insist on this reality
I am in a dream
I hear in that place the laughter of children playing
And the motoring of autos splayed across the cityscape
I can make out the business of love
And yet so present is the chasing of fears
I see them too
Darkened shadows lurking just beyond the cloudy horizon
With wings their own
Laughter their own
I could assume they are devils
But its only from there that I get a sense of rhythm
Maybe their language is something different
And in peering towards them I’m looking to be understood
And the light that shielded itself from them bounces uncontrollably
Compelling me to move at once forward
At twice speedly
And before I could lay another step to the road
Golden rhythms beckon me to stop
Eyes left and right
And then my mouth drops
All things in the cloudy abyss change to a hand
Reaching towards mine
Feeling the sublime nature of something that’s not quite a touch
What was once a shadow staring is now beating along with me
I can see color
Flesh nude or olive with pink and blue surrounds
Yet my attention is on this beating
With an empty hand I raise a finger to my chest
And what was once an unfamilar place is now reacting like I
The touch responds tighter but happier
Yet the light surrounding gets dimmer and dimmer
Perhaps here I’m best understood
In this place where I don’t know the language
But can recognize the touch
In this place where I only hear the sensation of living
And with each breath I’m assured of such understanding
Until the scene changes again
The cloudy horizon is well beyond my rear
The flesh nude or olive hand has become one with the cityscape
Falling towards some steps I’ve never seen
But the sound of shoes are familiar
There’s a note playing in these dreams that’s foreign to me
Familiar all its own
Perhaps because the heartbeat is so much like my own
Moving forward towards the light
Coloring life between closed lashes.

It wasn’t enough that I was inspired to draw something, prose came with it. Thanks to those whose style and culturesspark more than just a sense of fashion and style. To see the image that the art was based on, check out the post at Miss Black Book.

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