Life on One Mobile

N8 Beside Coffee #2 - Share on OviRecently, there was the report that the Nokia N8’s upcoming update became available by unofficial means. I thought about it for a minute, and then considered that it wasn’t worth taking a chance on. I’m very nearly on one mobile (totally), and so making such a jump on a potentially unstable build made little sense to me.

And then Ricky said something on Twitter that basically nailed it for me:

yeah, I tend to not tinker with my primary device. I always have one device that’s rock solid, in case something happens.

Yep, that was it. Even though I own multiple mobiles. I don’t swap into the others often enough to even want to make them experimental devices for things like unofficial updates, tweaks, or even software explorations. In a very real sense, I’ve become content with just one mobile.

Life with one mobile. That’s something I didn’t see coming. But, I’m content. I’m not zealous about updates, applications, or even overly using it. The N8 comes in when I need it. It fits me, much like my bike, my car, and most other purchases that I made when I carefully thought about my needs and what kind of life I wanted to enable with the tools around me.

To that end, I’m becoming more like the people whom I converse with. They usually have one (or two if certain professionals) mobiles that they work with. There are likes and dislikes, but with the one they purchased, did the homework with, there’s mostly content. I could get used to this.

That’s not to say that there are mobile devices that I don’t want in my “library.” I’d still love the Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type, HP Pre 3, and probably an Android or Windows Phone device just to have in the queue. But really, those would sit more than be actively used. I’d learn what their appeal is. I’d even help out those who are pushing out applications or services that those devices can best take advantage of…

But living…

That’s something that needs just one mobile that molds itself to me. Right now, and for the forseeable, the N8 does that. Its got rough edges. Nothing showstopping though. Contentment is induced when there’s just a focus on one.

3 thoughts on “Life on One Mobile

  1. It’s always a dilemma for me: one half of me urges “stay on that bleeding edge!” while the other screams “contingency! contingency!”.

    So, yeah, I usually keep a stable device on hand… but not always the one I normally use. 😀

  2. Wait, you don’t use the device that’s the stable one? What do you carry – or is the your N900 still not stable and the preferred pocket inhabitant?

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