Drawing and Gaming by My Little Cousin

I’ve got a pretty neat relationship with most kids. Especially those kids who have some affinity for iPads and mobile phones. Its always interesting seeing them play with and figure their ways around mobile devices. And mores when they are doing more than just simply playing games.

Take for example my little cousin. In a recent visit, one of the first questions that she asked after we’d finished playing a few card games was if she could see my iPad to draw on. She remembered a visit some months ago when I introduced her to drawing on my iPad and she wanted to have fun with doing that again. So, I fired up Procreate and showed her some of the tools and options, and from there, it was all about her being creative in her space. My iPad is more colorful because of her now 🙂

Of course, that’s not the extent of her mobile watching. She also remembered that I had the Nokia Astound and she got to play Fruit Ninja. She plotted for a good while before asking me if I had that mobile so that she could play it again. She wasn’t so happy though when I told her that I didn’t have that phone any more. I then pulled out my N8 and she soon heard and was grabbing for Fruit Ninja.

15min later the mobile was returned to me and I was left with a smiling little cousin, and another picture as to how mobile devices have their place for entertainment and creative outbursts.

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