…What he discovered during the season after his fall (and I noticed it as well) was that there were many people who were supposedly “solid”- on point doctrinally, great at articulating the gospel verbally- but not so good at practically walking out the implications of the gospel. His point was that everyone would be up in arms about a Canton feature, but no one would raise a fuss if Amba co-labored with a “solid” emcee who actually denied the gospel by walking in unforgiveness towards his brother. Love for God (1 John 5:17-19), the pursuit of righteousness (1 John 3:10), and love towards other Christians (1 John 3:14) are THE key biblical signs of being in the faith. We all know 1 Cor. 13. Being “solid” or “reformed” means absolutely nothing if you aren’t characterized by humility & love. Who cares if you can defend the five solas from Scripture if you can’t even forgive a brother who has repented and asked for forgiveness? And yet, many don’t seem to consider those things when it comes to musical co-laboring, as long as cats hold to the same theological distinctives…

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