Revisualizing Websites, Mobile Apps, and Communication Hubs

Business Card v2 Preview - Share on OviBack when I was doing my digital business cards, I had the intention of pulling together my web presence, mobile access, and communication channels into a single area. And for the most part this made sense. My efforts even included putting this on a web server that was on my mobile device in order to utilize the contextual nature of my mobile. It made sense, and I’ve been without that kind of presence for a while. But, in looking at some of the (very impressive) websites of others in technology and creativity fields, I’ve got to get back to what I was doing there and push even further.

I liked in version 1.0 of this how I wanted to just make sure that I centralized the photos, blogging, and status messages. It makes sense that a contact point like a website acts like this and pulls together all of these efforts.

In v2.0, I separated the blog and gallery from the mobile device, but used the mobile web server to aggregate those, and other, content streams together. That too made sense for a website as a contact point. However, it was still very much “broadcast-centered.”

For MMM, I’ve looked at mobile website/application packages such as ShoutEm and Conduit Mobile where you can create a mobile website and application that could also publish the results of those content streams. With these and others, there are “community enablement” features such as message boards and shared calendars that would allow those with your “app” to be able to join in aspects of your life.

That all said, I wonder if there’s a better way to do this? If, there’s someway to further fuse these channels, and then a URL is app, aggregate, status server, and device locator. I think that this can work. Just am not sure of the pieces that need to come together to make this possible.

Ideally, it would be as simple as downloading an application or filling out a form on a website, then you choose the platforms that you’d like your “presence” made available to. If on your mobile when doing this, you get the option to expose aspects of your mobile to public (or limited-public) viewing/interaction. Then you hit publish and the app is made, the website is published, and you end up with a destination that’s like an About.Me page, but depending on your device, offers the information (profile) and a link to download the appropriate app for your mobile that would have similar info (plus more if you’ve decided to connect it). As the owner of the profile, your version of the app would serve as the control center for this presence, but you’d essentially never be managing the server/domain end. Your job is simply to keep your channels active.

In a sense, it would be like I’m saying that your web activities are centered around your URL, but the enabler for this starts at your (authenticated) mobile device(s).

It would be a different kind of website. And could work. If I could figure out the pieces. What do you think?