Poem: Remembered As Anything But Wasted

If you read the stories they’ll tell you I wasted it
The noise they loved to hear
The actions they loved to jeer
They would tell you that I’m not going to reap the benefit of it all
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From Tablets to Table Top Computing

Yanko Design cpu on a table top conceptI know that I have talked about this before, but I do like the idea of surfaces becoming interfaces for computing, especially in public spaces such as coffeeshops where having enough space to work is a concern. Now, about this design – recently profiled at Yanko Design – actually removes the mobile from the equation. I don’t know that would work in this day where there are just too many mobiles in hand, but it does offer an interesting question – are tablets just a step to table top interfaces like this?
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The Toyota Prius Project and the Future of Professional Bicycling

IMG_2309.jpgFor a number of weeks, on an on and off basis, I’ve been following John Prolly’s documenting of a project he and Parlee Cycles is doing with Toyota. Essentially, what they are doing is taking the ethos of the Prius and distilling that into a bicycle. What they came up with is amazing, ingenious, and to me, points at a possible detour towards the discussion towards doping in professional cycling. Continue reading “The Toyota Prius Project and the Future of Professional Bicycling”

My N97 Moving On to Someone Better

1 to Have, 1 to Review - Share on OviIt was a little more than two years ago when I got my hands on the Nokia N97 to review for Brighthand. I had been waiting for a few years for anyone but HTC to come out with a touchscreen device that had a device-length QWERTY keyboard. And waiting just a day after getting the notice that it would be mine to review, I opened the box and fondled it. I’m not lying when I say that I made the decision right there on the spot to purchase the N97.

A few days ago, I did a massive hard reset on my N97. I’m giving this mobile away.
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Bike vs Flight As A Catalyst to Live Stronger

Saturday, I caught wind of a neat “race” between a LA bicycling group and an airline. #bikevsflight (as the hashtag goes) was prompted as a result of a section of LA 405 being shut down and then JetBlue offering $4 flights over the effected area (tickets sold out in 2hrs). A person mentions that it might be possible to beat the flight (when parking, security, etc. are included, actual flight was 12min) and then it was on. Continue reading “Bike vs Flight As A Catalyst to Live Stronger”

The “Package”

I’ve been a good bit quieter lately with the writing. Part of that has been because MMM has picked up a bit. And another part of that being that I’ve been a bit more discerning towards just how much I’m ranting outside of my prayer closet. I’ve also been hearing friends and family dealing with life as well, and its pretty much put me in a position where I’ve had to make a decision to just navigate life differently. 
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