Refreshed Poetry Template

When doing some importing of my poems for this new compilation into the template that I developed, I went to work on some niggles and issues that I had. It ended up being a good bit more than a small bug fix and so I’m re-releasing the original template that I created, with a niggle for now being able to add images in here as well.

The HTML5 has been reorganized to comply with the standard better, and it should degrade in most browsers just fine. I didn’t use Modernizr or anything like that to fix that aspect.

The CSS has been stripped from my iteration of this, but for the purpose of this template, I’ve embedded it into the file. There’s not that much of a need to comment the CSS, its indented and speaks pretty plainly.

I did some content insertion, which helps with some of the text that I wanted to tweak and manage. Using CSS to input text is a lot faster in the case of something like this.

You will notice that I moved around some of the elements such as the close buttons. There’s also (at least on Chrome) a neat feature where clicking on the poem will open the details (“more about this poem”) at the bottom of it. I’ve not done any other browser testing of this, and its really not going to happen unless this somehow gets really popular.

There’s nothing that I’ve done here that’s really unique. Just a lot of trial and error to make something that works for how I like to work with documents. Feel free to use the code for your needs. And apologies in advance for there not being a few more advanced HTML5 features. I’ll get there – I hope.

Download HTML5 Poetry Template v2.