Poetry for ’11-’12: Words & Pictures

I’ve kinda of settled on a theme for the 2011-12 poetry compilation. The title of this one will be Words & Pictures. And as with last year’s, there’s something of a story that goes along with this.

The Backstory
This will be the 23rd year that I am writing and collecting poetry made by my own hand/voice. There’s been a lot of prose written, and very little published (purposely if I have to be honest). I’ve enjoyed writing, and this serves very much as expression and journal for my days.

Over the past four (4) months, I’ve been getting back into drawing. If you’ve been reading posts here or MMM, then you might have seen the artwork accent posts. It has been one of the most pleasant re-revelations to have this aspect of life come back. And as such, my writing/speaking of poetry has also taken some steps backwards towards some of the former sketches.

The Concept
The concept of Words & Pictures therefore follows this reintroduction. It seems that I’m one part breaking ground into new areas (continuing with Elephants if you will), and another part sketching something that won’t be clear to me or anyone else until much later. I’m usually cool with that, but am looking forward to the lessons that present themselves in words and pictures.

Due to this concept, the prose created this year will have an artistic element to it. I’ll try to let the art speak for itself. I’ll let the words speak. I’ve done some appending to the template that I used for Elephants to fix a number of coding issues, which will also allow the media to stand out as needed.

Reintroducing Me to the Stage Too

I’ve also begun becoming more frequent in performing publicly once again. If things pick up to a certain point, I’ll post dates and locations here so that you can see me live (I like feedback that causes me to grow).

So yea, that’s about it. Words & Pictures. What will life look like? Am not even sure. I do know that both the words and pictures will make their own mark. From there, its all up to what you take in.

Where to Find Words & Pictures

I’m working on a server solution that will allow me to host Words & Pictures much like I did Elephants last year. However, I won’t make the entire collection public. I found myself being a bit restrictive in writing last year because everything was public. Am going for a more open canvas again, so whatever is seen on Blog.AntoineRJWright will have to hold you over unless something was written specifically to you.

Thanks for listening and taking part in my literary journey. And who knows, you might even be able to purchase Words & Pictures before this poetry year is over 😉

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