I Visited the Goog - Share on OviI’ve been pretty occupied with ICCM the past days because of MMM, and much of my time there has focued me to take another hard look at what my aims are with the mobile technology that is in and around me. Sure, I’ve got goals to see this used and understood in a manner that I think would be best for the world around me, but that’s not necessarily the goals of all. The recent introduction of the Nokia N9 has me questioning once gain whom I’m mobile for – me or someone else?

How could I ask this? Surely this technology is a need. And I don’t mean that sarcastically, I probably wouldn’t have made it through college without Jeff Hawking’s Palm Pilot franchise – I really needed that level of organization. I really benefitted a ton from the access of content and information on connected and disconnected devices. And that was my reason for writing about them with BargainPDA back in the day. I liked these enough that I wanted to improve my writing because of them. This, was where I started.

But then I realized something when I withdrew from the Palm OS device and software ecosystem, I really wasn’t just writing and enjoying life for me. The opinions that aims that I had helped to shape minds and define a market that grew, burst, and grew again. I became a voice-of-many that  shaped minds, hearts, and hardware. I was a willing agent. Whether I got the device, software, or accessory as a gift or give-back, I let me passion for these devices shape my perceptions of their importance to all. Moving from a Palm showed me my evangelistic flaw. Deprogramming is hard.

I’m still deprogramming myself. I make choices about devices, platforms, and such because they work for me, not because they follow a trend or even because I’m relenting to popular pressure. At least that’s what I hope. I’m doing what I do because I like it. But, its clear that sometimes, it seems as if I’m also relenting to manufactured desires. 

Do I need to be connected? Does Google/Twitter/Wordpress/etc. deserve my trust for this sevice? Is my reputation worth what I can turn into bits, bytes, and dollars? Am I destined to become a Kruswell disciple, or am I just another kind of theologian?

Its really easy to ascribe the kind of value to this mobile tech that makes it seems as its the best thing ever. But then I look at a device like the N9, the platform that its put on, and the commentary about Nokia’s death as a mobile leader and wonder… am I pandering to the whims of carriers and opinions of others that share my values, or am I actually subscribing to a need, becoming an evangelist of life as the product these devices and services should empower?

Next time I get into a platform conversation, this will be where I start my stance or stop my speech.