Biking in Philadelphia/York PA

Biking Into Hallam - Share on OviIt has been a long time (2004) since brining my bike through Philly/York and getting a chance to ride some. As I’m slowly making my way across the state to a conference, I thought that it would be a good idea to ride, and the weather has so far rewarded me nicely.

Biking in Philly is something that I really enjoy and I’ve committed to doing a lot more often when I’m there (and the weather isn’t too bad). I was able to get about 15mi of riding throughout SW Philly, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, and Yeadon. Had a great time, and my body told me so by not being too sore later.

A few days later I found myself in York, PA (about 2.5hrs easy of Philly), and the excellent weather (about 78F) today meant that I could make good on something that I’ve wanted tod o for a long time, and that was to ride thru York.

So I set out from my best friend’s place in York and went east to Hallam. That was a decent ride of about 4.5-5mi. I never thought it was so short though since I’m usually in a car and stopping at every light. From there, I went back to York and decided to ride around most of East, Central, and West York. I made a stop at my friend’s church and continued to their other sanitary.
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Randomly, I bumped into some old friends. That was really cool. She said she was just thinking about me right before they turned the corner and boom there I was. That was really neat as I got to catch up with her, see her youngest, and just get a few hugs in.

I continued to ride through York and noticed that its actually not a bad city for riding. In that respect, its a lot like Philly. I couldn’t see owning a car in York unless you really had to (or the weather did its usual PA turing thing). But it was easy, and pretty enjoyable.

I’ll be continuing west. And my bike is coming along for the ride. I wonder what other cities and adventures await?

2 thoughts on “Biking in Philadelphia/York PA

  1. nice! i like. sounds like fun. maybe some day i’ll have to try biking around York. I get over there via car either once a week or every other week.

  2. Yea man; Lancaster is good for biking too. I’ve had my share of biking all around these parts it seems, and its always good coming back to revisit and learn new places. Life looks a lot different at 12mph 🙂

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