Managing Multiple Calendars on My Nokia N8

Multiple calendar supportOne of the ways that I use my mobile device is to help me keep a handle on the contacts and events that I deal with. I’ve got a lot of overlap between them – usually contacts – and so when I chose my latest mobile device, the Nokia N8, one of the features that I looked for in it was the ability to manage half of things with Google’s suite of services.

The primary “half” that I manage with Google is that of the calendar used for MMM. This calendar usually has everything from client meetings to events, and so its important that my mobile is as updated as the online calendar. The problem that I ran into though is that I didn’t want Google to have all of my calendar entries, and I only wanted to sync the calendar, not my contacts as well.

What I found with the N8 is that I would be able to use the Mail for Exchange application (comes with this) to use the Microsoft Active Sync protocol to sync the calendar. When doing this, I had fears that I would end up syncing contacts or email, but this fear went away after I got things configured. I followed the instructions that were found at WapReview.

After getting things setup, what happens is that I have a third calendar on my N8 which only syncs to Google. The other two calendars (one from the N97 that has older information and the default calendar for the N8) remain untouched and don’t sync. I’m able to add calendar appointments (unfortunately, can’t add meeting attendees and send out notices) and manage them, but also have them on record for MMM’s needs.

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