Art in Between Classes and Work

Tired Between School and Work - Share on OviMany times, we talk about using our mobile devices in a way that adds value to our lives. And there’s definitely a bent towards that with me and my iPad. One of ways that this has been happening in coffeeshops and on Saturdays is when I take a trip to just sit and draw a bit.

Photos are cool, and I’ve got a Nokia N8 that’s probably one of the best devices at taking such a picture. But, drawing is something else. Its you (not a computer) taking a piece of your memory and using your hands to craft the image. That’s where my iPad finds itself this Saturday and it also happened to intersect with a woman and her moments in between class and work.

I was honestly intrigued as to why she looked sad. When I got to the point where I was comfortable with the weight of the drawing, I just had to ask. That’s when she told me that it wasn’t sadness, just a matter of being tired. She’d been in classes all day and now was awaiting the transition to her time needed for work. I could totally associate with that as that’s been my past weeks on the road (little time to transition and catch your mind before the next thing).

It caused me to change the drawing a bit. Soften up the lines on her, and make sure that the surrounding environment spoke some towards that transition we all need. For me, it was that moment to use my mobile to describe another’s moment. Hopefully, she’s able to find the same rest in between life that I managed to today.

This was previously posted at Palm Addict.