When Your Domain Has No Destination

It has been an interesting first week with the Nokia N8. I’ve actually had the device in my hands a lot less than I’ve had other devices, and have enjoyed that its pretty much been always available. It has even been free of being married to the charger in that the battery life has been so good that its been able actually spend its bulk charging moments when I’m in my car, rather than at night at the end of the day.

That said, there’s that part of my mobile web server not being used on it. I’ve not tried to see if iFMW will run on the N8, and therefore my domain (and some of my subdomains) have gone dark. In a very real sense, I now own domains without a destination to point them to. And that’s been a difficult problem to try and get around.

Now, the conventional thinking of the Internet would say, “hey dude, just get some space.” Thinking of course that I was really silly first of all for having a domain name and no space. But, I’ve kind of liked it that way. Much in the same way that you should be able to swap SIM cards for different phone models, I think that domain names should be able to map to more than just someone else’s servers for whatever content that you want to manage.

I’ve taken such an approach and its meant a combination of things:
– a destination to a single webpage;
– a destination to a hosted blog;
– a destination to a compiled book; and,
– a destination to a script that turns a single webpage into a downloadable file

I like that a domain can be mapped to so many kinds of workings, and none of them has to end with me not maintaining some administration over some kind of server storage.

That said, that’s not my case right now with the way things are. I’ve got to figure out a cost-efficient means of getting that kind of utility out of the domain names that I still use, but aren’t pointing to content that exists on the same manner of server.

I’ve thought about pointing some of the subdomains that I own to publicly accessible locations within Google Docs or Dropbox. And these kind of make sense, though I don’t own the destination and there are transaction limits to these that I could run into (if I were to become famous that is). I’ve thought about just adding the smallest amount of storage space available to my dealings with the same company that I’m using to serve/manage my domain names. That too has potential pitfalls, but does fix an address bar thing I’ve been questioned about.

Or, I could push to re-navigate those waters of a mobile-hosted solution. I’ve got the mentality though that I won’t do this in a lateral form though. I want to be able to extend on the lessons that I’ve gained, while also making it something viable for my carrier, the developer, and even other service providers. I’m not sure how to do all of that yet, and that’s what gives me the most pause here.

Until I figure those things out and move to some solution, I do have to do something. Can’t have a domain running out there all lonely – especially not with this 2nd internet bubble happening 😉

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