Nokia Social, Different Tack, and Mental Models of Mobile Social Networking

Different Tack, Twitter client for Nokia Symbian devices, via Ovi StoreUpon moving to the Nokia N8 as my primary mobile, I have taken a good bit of time on reevaluating my communication needs, especially around social networking and email. For the most part, I am offloading some of the larger thinking communications (email, RSS reading, and blogging) to my iPad. The more immediate communications (text, media messaging, voice, and social networking) finds it’s way on the N8. Doing this has changed my attention span towards and the way that I interact within those modes of communication. It has also changed how much value I ascribe to those channels and behaviors.
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Nokia N9 Pre-Reflections

Though I’ve not had many posts in the past week (1 maybe), I have been paying attention to news and notes around me. One of the more interesting pieces so far has been the announcement of the Nokia N9. Being a fan of the Maemo/MeeGo platform, and an occasional contributor and commentator, I’ve been interested in seeing what Nokia would be doing with this device. Unlike some of my mobilist contemporaries, I’m more impressed than I am perplexed.
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Pandering To or Needs Of

I Visited the Goog - Share on OviI’ve been pretty occupied with ICCM the past days because of MMM, and much of my time there has focued me to take another hard look at what my aims are with the mobile technology that is in and around me. Sure, I’ve got goals to see this used and understood in a manner that I think would be best for the world around me, but that’s not necessarily the goals of all. The recent introduction of the Nokia N9 has me questioning once gain whom I’m mobile for – me or someone else?
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Rethinking the Camera Lockscreen Button and Mobile UX

Apple iOS 5 lockscreen and camera button, via Pocketnow and MacRumorsI don’t usually think about the camera button on my mobile devices. Its there. I assume that it will be ready when I need. And aside from maybe a confirmation to unlock the device, it just works. So, do mind my silly brain when I find that one of the new features coming for iPhone/iPad devices is the ability to take a photo right from the lock screen. It feels like a design compromise instead of the solution to a problem.
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How I Communicate and Collaborate with Groups Around Me

I have to admit that I’m a when zealous when it comes to collaboration and communication. I tend to write a ton, usually very detailed, and mostly with too many words. And if you would see the amount of information that I simply read all day, the writing and communication that comes from that is probably near-impossible to detail as well. In short, I take in and send out a ton of information. And therefore, I tend to have all kinds of slanted perceptions towards collaboration and communication.
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Managing Multiple Calendars on My Nokia N8

Multiple calendar supportOne of the ways that I use my mobile device is to help me keep a handle on the contacts and events that I deal with. I’ve got a lot of overlap between them – usually contacts – and so when I chose my latest mobile device, the Nokia N8, one of the features that I looked for in it was the ability to manage half of things with Google’s suite of services. Continue reading “Managing Multiple Calendars on My Nokia N8”