N8 + 32GB USB Memory Key =Two Meanings - Share on OviAt the time of writing, I’m in the process of combining the contents of 2GB and 8GB microSDHC cards with the content from my N97’s 32GB mass storage area onto a single 32GB card. As far as I can recall, it will be the first time in a few years that I would have centralized my local storage needs. And I’m finding that both the choice to do this (upgrade) and where I’ll go in the future (access) have to be taken a bit more deliberately.

In respect to just device upgrades, it really took a while for me to settle on a mobile device because there was a need for local storage that would only be accessible through a personal cloud (for me, personal cloud means a mobile web server-like solution). If the primary aspects of this content was locked to a device – meaning both in access and usability – then I’d be a bit screwed. If it were too loose, then I’d lose some of the security. This wasn’t part of my mobile past, but I can see it being the case going forward.

In the future, I’m planning on doing a few things. First, there’s the locally-stored content that’s just not going away. Ideally, this kind of content would be accessible through a personal-device cloud. There’s Dropbox for those items that need to be accessible because either they would be more central to my workflow on my iPad, or they are the sized/kinds of attachments that are dealt with between me and other parties.

And then there’s the aspect of things where I’m using my mobile device(s) ability to accept secured storage such as a memory key that’s authenticated to my mobile (something like in the picture to this post). Not that I plan on needing to be “James Bond” secret, but there are moments when I need a bit more versatility and security, and there’s no chance a Windows PC will be around to facilitate anything.

I know the push to use the Internet as a hard drive. Solutions like Google Docs and Dropbox show that there are points and places where this makes sense. But, in the larger scheme of things, I’d hope that we all become personal system admins in our own rights, and do more leveraging APIs and granulated permissions to content, versus just putting something on an island out there, hoping that we’d not lose its access when the company is bought out.

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