Appending My Pocket *Updated*

Update: Dang it!
N97 vs N8 Dial Screens - Share on OviTo be honest, I wasn’t even sure that my decision would come to this. But, I’ve been so smitten by photography and art lately, I should have guess that even in its (relative) age, the Nokia N8 would soon make its way back to my pocket.

I took my time with this decision. I’ve got a lot of plans in terms of how I’m readjusting around certain types of mobile devices. And there’s also a baseline of stability and functionality that I want, without compromising the mobility or privacy that I’ve come to be characterized by.

The N8 that I’ve purchased is used. I’m getting a good deal with it. I’ve also made the purchase of a 32GB microSDHC card ($57 at Amazon when purchsed) so that I can make the combine the media assets on my N97 into one (removable and separately secured) memory card. Its a sideways move, its an update. Its an attempt to bring some sanity to my pocket. Some…

The N97 isn’t going away. At least as things stand, it will remain as the only device between the two able to be my web server. I’ll be using it until I find someone who could do something more with a device as feature packed, and if not pushed quite solid.

My N95 I haven’t heard from since my sister’s boyfriend borrowed it. I think he likes it, else it would have come back already. I miss that mobile. It had its quirks, but it is solid. The N8 reminds me of it in so many ways. Too bad the N8 I’m getting isn’t red like the N95 is, that would be some neat coincidence. I will be doing a custom skin for it – that’s a style note that’s not going away just yet.

Am I moving too fast? Possibly. It’s very possible that the N9, a MeeGo toting Nokia, is about to be released worldwide. If it combined the N8’s camera and E7/N97’s QWERTY keyboard, it would probably be a better solution. I do want an N9/Nokia MeeGo device in order to continue work with Katana and engage with some more mobile open source projects. Maybe I can get Katana to the N8 (and other Symbian devices, that might solve a few things).

The N8 is capable of doing some of that, but its also a very solid phone which is also a need for a bro. I can say that I am going to be happy about a few things. Using the latest Ovi Maps (its very fast), a few Qt applications that I don’t, and dropping some applications that I do use. It is going to be interesting. And then the typing. I’ve had my successes and failures with using Swype on the Nokia Astound that I recently reviewed. I’ll just have to get proficient with it if this is staying in my pocket.

My pocket is set to have a much better camera, and a good deal more stability than its had in sometime. I’m going to miss on some things, and that’s something that’s got to be handled between the time I write this post and the time the device gets into my hands. The N8 is going to get pushed, and to a large degree, so will I.

My pocket’s been appended. Onward to a different kind of future.