Trimming the Stuff

AA Flight 2421 & Neighbor's Drink - Share on OviHaving just finished almost two weeks on the road, covering 7 or 8 cities, I’ve had this really simple approach to how I’m managing my stuff. Frankly speaking, if it couldn’t come with me, I probably didn’t need it. After doing laundry on one of the days, I started to get the impression that I could probably even reduce things further, and not be negatively effected by it.

When I look at the times that I’ve moved, I’ve done a pretty decent job of getting rid of the excess books, clothes, and such, taking only with me what was needed for a few weeks. The books were hard at one point because there were just so many books that I enjoyed reading and decided that I would one day reread them (never happened). Clothes, at least those that weren’t too worn, were a simple case of being donated to those who either needed clothes or to organizations who handle those. Even my tech got donated in some cases. With the exception of hard drives, I pretty much have made sure to stay trim and simple on that end.

I’m not exactly in another moment of a major move, though that’s possible to happen. But, that trip did highlight roughly just how much “stuff” that I really needed. I had about a week’s worth of clothes, covering everything from shorts to formal wear, with my car playing the role of closet (for obvious reasons). Even in flying, I had the items that I needed, and never felt (except for a travel surge protector) that I missed anything. It was really freeing.

So, as I am coming to the end of this extended trip, I’m reevaluating the “stuff” that I have. Wondering what it is that I really need, and how much “stuff” that I really value. Because really, there’s a ton of people that could actually use things that I use maybe once or twice, and clothes are mostly simple to keep and maintain in smaller loads. The tech is easy as I don’t have but a small lunch bag full of stuff now. The hard stuff actually has to do with a few containers of items that I’ve not gone through in a long time. Outside of financials, I’m not really sure I need to keep all that much.

Uhmm… I’ll be trimming. I just wonder how much.