An Update on the Artsy Movement

Airplane Student Studying Taxes - Share on OviWell, it is still me on a trip, and I am honestly sitting still (and not sleeping or being jumped on) for the longest in the past three days or so. I’ve been chatting to a number of folks about this recent (to some) move of me drawing a ton, and so far have had some interesting responses.

The more interesting comments have come from some friends whom are a bit more senior, a bit more business-minded, in that they see all kinds of potential with me being an artist. Of course, they see what I’ve drawn and don’t see that I’m no where near where I used to be. But that’s neither here nor there, I’m frankly a piece of a pot of money and should take that kind of advantage to it.

There are a small few who see the art and see the stories first. They ask questions about my motivations behind each picture, and try to infer messages that may or may not be there. These conversations always dive in and out of the art, and get back to where my head and heart are. I find those conversations quite refreshing.

Then there are those who’ve seen my art, and remember what I used to do a good bit more than a decade ago. They are excited to see me drawing, but quiet on prospects. Its interesting, and at least in the case of my mom, honest (she remarked, “those are good, but you used to be better.”).

I’ve got some ideas though, and will take a bit of all that I’ve heard so far and go from there. There seems to be a small market for these kinds of works, and occasionally, they get me into conversations that end with smiles and a chance to have a potential future conversation – that is, when the person sees me drawing and then asks about me and art.

The best part though, I’m looking at life and pictures a bit differently. Photos are good, but being able to just sketch something really quick, with or without color, creates something a bit more interesting, and a bit more lasting in my mind. That’s something I’ve not had for a long time, and its a movement of life and thought that I hope sticks around a lot longer than it had before.