Recent Perils and Adventrues in Mobile

Impression of the Redwoods - Share on OviI have been on the road for many days now. I honestly don’t think that have has a run like this in sometime, where between driving and flying, I have pretty much not stopped moving for what will be about two weeks. The challenge during this time though isn’t just the travel, but the technology and how much further some aspects of my personal mobility need to advance.

For example, I have mostly enjoyed my time with the the Nokia C7. In terms of it’s packaging, it catches a lot of eyes. Once the more techie folks find out that it’s not Android and that it *is* Nokia, the conversation gets all kinds of interesting. At least for my travels, Nokia has a heck of a reputation for it’s hardware. Shame that people have been misled about it’s capabilities or it’s software.

On the other hand, when your mobile doesn’t do enough, it really stands out. While in San Francisco, I had to not only deal with a mobile that has an aged battery, but that charging stations were limited depending on the station. You would think that carrying two mobiles, one with teo batteries, would be enough. It’s not. And I didn’t know where in Silicon Valley to find a startup working on power solutions that would have made me a great test subject.

I also had the misfortune of two technical hiccups during my presentation. First, the projector did not have S-video for me to do my usual TV-Out from my N97, and then my iPad would not display when connected – and I was using Good Reader since I have a first generation iPad. Slightly embarrassing, definitely perplexing since there was enough testing before hand.

Data connectivity wasn’t an issue, nor were dropped calls, since I didn’t talk on the mobile much. Got to admit again, when T-Mobile gives you data, it’s fast. Very fast.

Was sparked to write this as there is a little kid, probably 4, in the seat across the row from me playing Scrabble on his iPad. I never thought of Scrabble as a means of teaching kids how to spell, but it works quite effectively. Plus there is that puzzle aspect of things which is always good for our brains. I got new designs for the little ones who play with my iPad now.

Lastly, the image on this post. The redwood trees at Mount Hermon are beautiful. And though I did not do the canopy tour, what I was able to explore on my own was certainly humbling. So, as has been happening more and more frequently, I started drawing. It is amazing what can catch our eyes about the world around us when we simply stop and enjoy the moment. I did catch a laugh when some kids, doing a tour of their own, shouted from the bridge, “hey there iPad man!” Seems like that I even have a reputation with this thing with strangers.

Whatis happening is that mobile and web are moving beyond just being a screen for me. It is a magic wand, a canvas, and occasionally a well of activity that is too limited. Better batteries, convertible devices, and even a built-in pico-projector would smooth these trips out a bit, but, I do wonder if I will be able go to those moments and enjoy them the same, or if I will find something even better.

This adventure isn’t over. Maybe it gets answered by it’s end, maybe not,