A Thought, Mobile Much More Than Currently

Just (as in Thursday nite)  had this thought. And no clue how it would be built, but I can so clearly see how it would work.

  • You would go to my URL
  • There you’d see a simple status and links page
  • If you were a friend with a trusted view, you’d see things like my current location, phone status, and a comm log of our last 10 or so communications
  • If you weren’t, it would look like something like an about.me page, but with a heartbeat to my mobile device and any other AR-like tech I’m using
  • Want to see a project, click on Gallery and then see not just files on my mobile concerning it, but also get a customized web search of those items
  • You see what I’m listening to? Click on it an hear it right at the same point I’m listening to it, sponsored by iTunes, Amazon, etc. so that you’d purchase the track or at least learn more about the artist
  • If you were looking at my contact card on your mobile, you’d see just a feed of the latest updates from various services that you’ve subscribed from me. In a very real sense, you get a vCard, but then an option to opt-into my communication streams, not just static information

I’m thinking of moving foward from my N97. And that means that I’ll lose the ability to host a web server from my mobile that I’d be able to forward my existing URL to.

To me, the URL is the sticky point. See, I’d like that to both be a place where a (voice or video) call could be initiated, as well as be a plug into every IM and status service. You’d only need the URL, and everything else would be either programmed by me, or handed by some kind of brokering between me, my domain provider, and the service providers that I’m friendly with.

I don’t like the idea of losing my mobile web server. The way that iFMW is deisgned, its essentially a mobile replacement for Drobbox (though I’ve not yet used it as such). I like that aspect. I love that you can use several open source contnet mangement systems with it – definitely makes it flexible enough.

But, I miss what I had with Nokia’s MWS content management system. To be able to access aspects of my mobile without taking it out of my pocket. Totally, and amazing fun and efficient. Just using whatever screen and keyboard that was around me (and a browser on it) to answer a text message. Awesome.

I get various notices from companies, headhunters, etc. that would like me to apply to work for them. I decline them all because I’m quite content with what I’m doing now. But, if I had a chance to graft making this idea a solution into a project under MMM or a job alongside it, I’d jump. I’m convinced enough about the web, our content, and the usability of this tech in a decade that I’d jump. Call it a hunch, but this makes too much sense – open source or not.

We could do much more with mobile if we took advantage of what’s built into it. Much, much more.