Continuously Moving Stable

Detail, Interesting - Share on OviI’m getting ready for yet another trip. And by the time this post has gone up, I will have driven at least another 250 miles and hit at least three cities in two days. This is part of my life these days, and though I am loathe to agree with the decisions, its kind of a landmark that I continue here.

And yet, when I called a friend to ask of a favor, she remarked, “when will you stop moving around? Its unsettling.” Sometimes, the thoughts in side of your head come out of the mouths of others.

In the past year, I’ve indeed ridden a life that is always moving. From changing living arrangements, to working in coffeeshops all across the state of NC, to moments of biking, and movements in a car to places with little mobile signal but plenty of stars. I’ve been moving a lot. There’s been a fun in the moment, and a loneliness of sorts. It isn’t exactly the kind of life that many people find company for.

And yet, I’ve been able to find some consistency in things that others wouldn’t. One of my friends calls it “coffeehouse church.” I call it sitting at the watering hole of the age occasionally getting a moment to chat with someone also sharing a drink. Its not normal by any means, but there are companies making all kinds of money out of creating these spaces. Maybe I’m just taking advantage of the ground given.

But I’m also as unstable as all get out. As my friend so nicely implied – “slow down so that we can keep up with you. Live normally.” It throws life and people into a state of disarray when you don’t follow the prescribed course. And certainly in Charlotte, there’s a prescribed course. If not married, I at least need to be having multiple, sexual relationships, stacking money in a mid-level management or sales career that could be swooped under my feet whenever economic winds turn the wrong way. If married, I should be at at least three kids and a McMansion. That’s really it. Nothing fancy. Just sitting on a few boards, and doing what I can to advert early-onset heart disease or divorce.

I’m not built like that.

I find that I’m built differently. I’ve got a local, regional, national, and global perspective that I’m all-to-curious about to let life prescribe it for me. And if it means that I’d rather ride than drive, you can bet that I’ll let that pain a picture of my life that will do for me just fine.

I do realize though that these moments won’t last forever. I’ll settle into some other phase of life, some other responsibilities. From there, I’ll adjust and see the world as its presented to me then.

Until then, I’m stable in continuously moving ways. Not the story we’re used to, but one that has wheels and motion that I’ll hopefully be proud of when its all said and done.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It was encouraging and inspiring to me. Thank you. Keep moving.

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