A Seemingly Final Decision on Mobile Upgrades

It almost feels like I am close, if not certain with making a final decision regarding my upgrading of my mobile phone library. A number of factors have played into the decision, and I think that my final thoughts are ok (given what I know right now).

Primary Mobile: Nokia N8

Even though my Brighthand review wasn’t the most favorable, the N8 left a nice taste in my mouth by the time I sent it back to Nokia. It reminded me of my N95, and yet was a adjustment to that formula. For how I am using the iPad now more for reading and email, it is vital that my primary mobile be both communication (SMS, IM, voice) center as well as multimedia (music and camera). The N8 does well in all of these aspects, and losing the slider of the N97 wouldn’t hurt in this usage scenario.

That said, I am writing this as an MMS to Evernote on my N97. This keyboard will be missed.

Secondary Mobile: Palm Pre 2

I have been holding onto the idea that the Pre 3 would be better here. And it would if the power, software upgrade path, and auto-focus camera were necessities, but they aren’t for how I’d be using this device. The Pre 2 would be taking the place of my N95 as the “change of pace” mobile, while also allowing me to experiment with a platform whose lineage I dearly miss.

That said, if I can get a Pre 3 I won’t say no. It most probably won’t be a primary device – unless it was received before the N8 was obtained and had certain benefits.

Consequences of Updates:

I will have to deal with the loss of my mobile web server (by iFMW). That will be a huge loss, and one that I am not taking lightly. I’d love to figure out a means of making it profitable for them to support Symbian 3 and WebOS, but that is indeed hard since many still don’t see the benefit of a personal cloud hosted on one’s mobile.

Instead of a mobile with a large amount of internal memory, I’ll need to invest in a 32GB microSDHC card. They aren’t cheap, and getting the content from my 32GB N97 and its 8GB memory card to a single point (of failure) will be interesting to say the least.

Lastly, these two devices would mean the end of the N95 in my possession, and later the N97. Both have served me very well, and I would not have come nearly as far in knowing about the global impacts of mobile without them. I may end up picking up the C3-01 Touch-and-Type just to have in the drawer (in case of another beach event). As usual, I can see both of these devices going to friends or family for continued usage – right now, that’s the position of the N95, and that might end up being permanent for that person depending on their feelings of the device and e software that I left on it.

This might not be a final decision. I don’t have the financal flexibility right now to make all of these moves. But, the N8 is about as certain as things get. I know Symbian’s path, but that device just isn’t one to easily turn down given my aims with mobile, needs, and desires. Plus, in either green or orange, I could have some fun with skins and QR codes 😉

I wonder what will change now that this is in mind to move to. Things always come up…

Baker’s Update

Well, good news is that I’m getting the Nokia C7/Astound really soon to review for Brighthand. That will give me a heads-up on the progress of Symbian, and be a bit better of a barometer of whether this would be a solid move for me. The C7/Astound is an interesting handset, almost like the Pre 2/3 in respect to how I’m looking at it right now. Camera isn’t what I’d like, but getting in hand will help settle that one.

Something to add to the oven for sure. Things always come up… see

5 thoughts on “A Seemingly Final Decision on Mobile Upgrades

  1. I’m actually REALLY interested in the ecosystem being created by HP for WebOS. Of all the tablets and phones I’ve seen lately, WebOS seems to be the one that most “get’s it.” Their tablet unveiling, for example, was so Apple-like that my jaw dropped.

    They’ve got simplicity, a good way to link devices, and some pretty cool hardware. They are the dark horse in the mobile world right now.

  2. I agree. I think it also is the case for me that I have remained a fan of how Palm thinks thru communication devices and services. They seem to “get it” more often than not. The tablet and mobile integration they displayed at the unveiling is blatantly what I want now and then some. I don’t wonder how well it works, just how well it fits me.

  3. Having played with the C7/Astound for the past days, its clear to me that I value camera quality just as much as anything else. I’ll need to look harder at the Pre 3 (since I want a WebOS device) and the N8 still ranks pretty high – despite it not yet getting some of the software enhancements of the C7/Astound that I am enjoying right now.

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