Steady Rekindling An Old Love

Q and Daughter, Remembering Life - Share on OviIf you have been a visitor to either of the places I write most frequently, you’ve noticed that there has been an increase in the illustrated art that has accompanied those writings. For one reason or another, the past months have seen a rekindling of an old love – drawing – and it’s been a refreshing, and many times humbling look back at a part of my life that once thought would never die.

Things were made very evident to me about this rekindling in the past two days. First their was a birthday to restfully enjoy and reflect on, and then there was a funeral where a family friend was laid to rest. For both, I was able to exercise some of my craft, but I think that it was yesterday’s thought and drawings that made life just kind of stick out a bit. I used to do this stuff really well.

Yesterday, I opened up Procreate, an app that I downloaded on recommendation from a friend a few weeks ago. I am not the kind of person to go back and forth between similar tools, and so it had been unopened for the most part except for one play. Well, last night, I opened it and tool a memory from yesterday and just went for it. Much like my work in Adobe Ideas, there is a lot of looseness with the brush (my fingers) and some understanding of stroke and weight that I need to work on, but I am overall pleased with the moment captured. Practice has it’s own beauty at times too.

I was given an idea of how to package these works and make them suitable for offline consumption. I might end up doing that as something of another means of extending this renewed flame. I also have a bit to relearn about perspective and laying colors – am not happy with most of what I have done to do in those respects.

Yet, there is this flame to get at and go forth with drawing again. Maybe Jobs was right about he humanities in computing. I certainly get that part these days with both mobile and drawing. Perhaps I am apt to stumble on another evolution of my own computing experience in all of this. Would be interesting that art makes it’s line in me again – would totally smudge other plans.