Out of Sync or Shifted Relevance

E7 and N97 (via N8) - Share on OviThe other day, I was Twitter when friend (and international mobile correspondant) Rita tweeted something that got me thinking about mobile and technology beyond the surface once again.

Her tweet said:

I am SO out of sync with evrthg Symbian lately. Feels weird, scary & kinda relieving too. Wonder if others who switched platforms feel same.

And she’s a bit right there. I know that I fell out of paying attention to Palm when I moved to using Symbian/Maemo devices from Nokia. I just didn’t have it in me to stay as in-depth with the platform that I left, and the platforms that I was learning. And yet, there was something more about that quote that also hit me:

@khouryrt it happens to those who haven’t switched platforms too

You see, even though I’ve been quite into the “Nokia” universe, moving my perspective to such a large and far-reaching platform actually had the effect of keeping me from diving too deep. It wasn’t until recently that I even got into understanding and playing with themes on my mobiles. I didn’t have a need nor was it enjoyable to dive that far into the culture. I was, however, interested in what mobile started doing in the lives of people. Nokia, being so large and far reaching with every model release, seemed to have this endless sense of being relevant to everyone from the high-feigned gadget fan, to the person just needing to continue with a mobile that was simple and reliable. Those kinds of stories intrigued me. Relevance not based on what the device could do for me, but on what the device got out of the way so that I could live.

It was that thought that started to eek its way out of my tweeted-mouth (sorry Rita). I’m not a carrier – mobile platforms and their features/specs almost don’t matter to me. As a matter of fact, its to the point that if my ability to get work done isn’t compromised, I’m more apt to actually like the smaller and real benefits of the platform. Like I said in the twet, “What matters is that the mobile gets out of the way; then, when needed shines like nothing else.”

To me that made for a signifiant shift. One that I’ve not really been blinded to, but one where I’m a bit more comfortable in expressing and searching out.

I feel therefore that I’m a bit out of sync with some of the happenings in mobile. You know, folks are pondering what are the potential mobile/PC blends coming. I’m not, I’m living that. I’ve blended and am now at the point where mobiles, tablets, blogging, tweets, etc. are all either something that allows me to get outside and enjoy life, or something that looks like the dark and dingy alley of depression and unfulfillment that only gets deeper and deeper.

To that end, I feel a lot like my sense of the relevance of mobile/tech has shifted. What that looks like beyond my profession and vocation I’m not sure. I do know that the tech that adds to my life and gets out of my way will remain the most impressive to me. Those kinds of moments to look up from the screen and see life you just can’t get back.

From this point out, life gets interesting.