Blended Realities – MobileRnR

After a bit of poking and prodding, I’ve written a piece for the MobileRnR blog, headed up by Rita and Ricky. The piece is about the idea of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) becoming this catch-all term “blended reality” and what that just might look like – especially in light of some of what we have seen already from our friends in Japan.

Here is a snippet of that piece:

…it’s not that mobile won’t be a participant in what’s to come, but that our needs for community and communication require more than faster processors and additional cameras. We interact with what’s relevant to us differently now, mobile is normal. Web is (mostly) normal. These technologies are now in a phase of making their own refinements and smaller innovations. Beyond these, it looks more like a blended reality. One where our mobile (in whatever form a physical device needs to be in order to call it mobile) is a wand opening to us the music and wonder of life around us. It’s a wand that opens us to the data that’s there, and hides us from being encroached by the data that’s there but that we don’t want/need to interface with.

Read the entire piece at MobileRnR.

And yup, I am totally thinking of going beyond mobile, beyond even the analogy of a magic wand that I put forth in that article. We can, and probably will do more. And how we get there will be an engaging and magical experience.