Parkmobile, Is Metered Parking That Complicated?

I was reading my RSS feeds and saw that IntoMobile reported on is group called Parkmobile is going to make it easier to pay for parking in DC (not fixing the real issue of actually parking). I like the idea, but man have they made it too hard to park.
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Continuously Moving Stable

Detail, Interesting - Share on OviI’m getting ready for yet another trip. And by the time this post has gone up, I will have driven at least another 250 miles and hit at least three cities in two days. This is part of my life these days, and though I am loathe to agree with the decisions, its kind of a landmark that I continue here. Continue reading “Continuously Moving Stable”

Good Friday & Easter Told Thru A Mobile Lens

Its been a while since I’ve been stretched to write. Over at MMM this past weekend, I penned a story of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but with some of our modern mobile tech and communication behaviors penning the tale.

The story follows the Scriptural account quite closely, however the voice is that of one of the Apostles. Which one? I’m honestly not even sure. There’s a lot of them whom we don’t know too much about, and many have speculated.

Me, I was moved to write these, and hope that they find their way into understanding a bit more the faith, the technology, and some of the implications of their intersections. Hope you enjoy:

Mobile Apps Are a Toxic Investment

There was a point in the week when I couldn’t sleep, so I started chatting with Rita about her one of her latest posts over at Mobile RnR. We talked about how good it feels that there are aspects of mobility that do indeed work great when using multiple devices. And certainly, that idea of continuous client functionality with IM, browsing, etc. would add to that. However, there was something looking into our conversation that was a bit scarier. Something that many of us don’t even pay attention to until its too late. Mobile apps are a losing investment. Continue reading “Mobile Apps Are a Toxic Investment”

A Different Singular Focus

Poet in Color - Share on OviOne cannot be so naieve to think that technology will not get to a point that it will out perform aspects of life that we take for granted as being the sole domain of the human experience. And one cannot be so naieve to think also that we will always be able to control the implications of the decisions that we make with technological advances – such that surprise will always force the hand of ingenuity and experience that seems to sit as the domain of creativity and purpose that God’s given each of us for our lives.
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A Different Kind of Platform Independence

As I read the latest post over at Mobile RnR, I could only smile. Rita is totally right in that a defining characteristic of the present (not future) of mobile is this idea that it doesn’t matter what device you are using, but that you have content readily at your needs. And especially with those pieces of communication which have a person live on the other end, such integration (called continuous client functionality) is definitely where mobile platforms need to be now.
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Steady Rekindling An Old Love

Q and Daughter, Remembering Life - Share on OviIf you have been a visitor to either of the places I write most frequently, you’ve noticed that there has been an increase in the illustrated art that has accompanied those writings. For one reason or another, the past months have seen a rekindling of an old love – drawing – and it’s been a refreshing, and many times humbling look back at a part of my life that once thought would never die.
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SMH at Mobile

I am all too willing to admit that I can sometimes have some very high (and not quite unrealistic) expectations towards mobile. Part of that is because of how I’ve grown up with mobile – as a device and software reviewer who pays too much attention to characteristics of a device, not just a glazing feature. But, man, I think I’m ready now to just say that some things just shouldn’t be tolerated.
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The Legend of the PC

Presenting a Child - Share on OviA short story of a future where our PCs and mobiles are mere legends, but their lessons endure…

I was happy to see my grands in the flesh. Despite the distance, and the fact that they travel a lot more than I ever have, we’ve managed to stay in contact with each other through her implant and my ocular goggles. I could imagine this when I was younger, but clearly communication isn’t what it used to be. Continue reading “The Legend of the PC”