Poem: Finding God

Stretched my eyes towards the end of the day once again
The horizon left me wondering what could come next
Star, planet, moon, star, star
Reflections of the day hued orange then purple
I looked back towards the shadows
Themselves casting their rest upon another present
And I left to open the rest of the gift
Wishing for the kind of company that warms the oncoming chill
So I stretched and stretched my nose towards the pleasant
The leaves and blossoms awakening to their own samba
The clouds fading to the background their hint of bass
And my ears tingling, wishing with anticipation
I grabbed my coat
Clutched my blanket
And pulled terse pockets full of hope close to my eyes
I could see in the distance the oncoming night
And as I wandered off into another faith
That kind of faith where anything impossible doesn’t exist
I called out one last time for the key
Surely I placed it behind the pew
The stained glass that made its nook was usually easy to see
Yet with the day dimming I couldn’t gather its reflection
And I was left wondering if my friend would come join me
Surely this present wouldn’t be complete without 
Maybe this present was incomplete without
Stretched my eyes towards the end of the day
Tilted my head so that I could smell or hear
The chill was close
But I couldn’t taste it
For everything else that was preparing me to dream my Maker
Meet my Maker in a faith so real
Were the words I couldn’t taste
Where are you
I miss your embrace