Camera on Phone and/or Tablet

picture of front camera of nokia Pictures, Images and PhotosJust thinking some more after doing the stream for BibleTech, I wonder how much cameras will develop in light of streaming and tablet or mobile contexts.

For example, I was (for once) not moving when I did that stream, and so having a tablet stream the video while I interacted with maybe a web-based set of slides/communication deck would have worked. But, then again, if I were moving, or in a low-bandwidth area, I’d want the lower-resolution front-camera, and then a means to maybe vocally tag moments, or queue up comments for when I’m not moving.

I don’t know that streaming services/apps think about these, but in light of cameras on tablets and mobiles, it sure does beg one to think of the contexts in which they would be streaming, and how the services/apps work best with the camera device of choice.