Another from the Brighthand Archives

Can’t say that this one was my fault, but can totally remember what was going thru my mind when I wrote it.

Imagine if you will, six billion people own a mobile phone, laptop, or Tablet PC that is connected to the Internet via some type of wireless network — whether through a Wi-Fi, cellular-wireless, WiMAX, or some other networking method yet to come. Image that at the moment that all of those connections are made that we would just have the question of “what next?” Where does all of this accessibility, usability, and mobility lead to? What happens when this “nirvana” of mobile computing happens?

Read the rest of The Consequences of Mobile Computing at Brighthand. That was from 2006 (not long before Palm announced the Foleo, and possibly some aspect of Synergy nearly ready to release). I can only imagine what else is back there (been writing there since 2002-3).