Mobile in the Center by TI

I recently took a look at a video by TI (Texas Instruments) that looks at a future where your mobile is firmly in the center of all of your computing experiences. 

As usual with these kinds of movies (for example TAT’s Future of Screens), there is a lot of marketing. And so things can get lost if you feel that some kind of reality is being sold to you. I would agree that it is to some degree. Yet, look beyond it to what’s being shown bout how computing experiences nearly devoid of platform or format wars would look like.

I like some of interesting looks at what should go into mobile computing beyond consumption and multi-media, such as that early morning check into you day, or how the player goes about collaborating over work that was created. I wish is addressed power In some way beyond the constant docking, but it seems that not even TI wants to take a near-term chance there.

There isn’t a lot to add to this that I have not already talked about before in similar concepts and videos. But, there is something here that is again easy to miss when people aren’t paying attention – the operating system doesn’t figure into this, nor do apps, everything just works.

As I sit in a coffeeshop with my mobile in front of me and iPad in hand, I wish for this kind of interplay between devices and services, but embedded in a fashion like this. From some conversations earlier about digital pads and Girl Scouts doing mobile payments, I can see that such behaviors will take some time (and marketing) before they can be looked at without some glaring eye of fear or apprehension. Such really is the case that I run into even being a person who is trying to pull some of this off without the time, budget, or devices that are proposed in videos like this. Maybe it is a bit too utopian to try, and yet that is what I see (what I saw many years ago starting out ini mobile).

And unfortunately, this video is abut as utopian as things get, it’s not like too many folks live (by choice or compulsion) in that world now 😉

Side Note: MS has also put forth similar in these videos highlighted by IntoMobile.