Buttons and Gestures to Taint the Lenses

Image of Motorola Xoom, via EngadgetI wasn’t slow to catch onto the tablet thing, I had been using one years ago (2005-2006ish) for web design work. It made for a nice distraction to my day to not only have the websites to deal with, but how did sites remain usable and accessible on a touch-enabled platform. One of the lessons that I learned then is that you have to make a choice between buttons and gesture actions when designing interfaces. Having both options is confusing (depending on the UI you are starting with). As I’ve gotten back into using a tablet (the iPad) that has a bit more of one than the other (one button, several gestures), I’m finding that I am once again looking at this question of buttons and gestures, and wondering where the tablet market will go in this respect.
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