Leaning on Apps or Empowering Skills

Screens, Cider and Mobiles - Share on OviIn a recent post, I talked a bit about what I do (besides writing). One of those activities happens to be training. In these moments, I’m asked to train people or teams towards learning software packages that are relevant to their jobs. Problem is, I don’t like teaching people how to use applications – that’s something that most can figure out with either some playtime or by reading the mounds of online and offline resources. I do prefer to take them through that software package by addressing the problems they are trying to solve – intermingling the learning of the application within those lessons. Besides being a bit more productive at the end of the day, I notice that they are better able to retain the lessons.
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Ability Problems or Perception Problems

Evernote on the iPad and N8 - Share on OviIs it really the lack of the ability of mobiles devices to do work that frame the perception, or is it rather the lack of our abilities to learn/do different behaviors which frame the perception? I speak of the often heard/seen statement, “mobiles/smartphones/tablets aren’t replacements for laptops/PCs for real work.” I don’t agree. I see what others see, but I just don’t agree.
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BibleTech (Virtually Present)

There’s this conversation that to be virtually present isn’t present at all. But I can’t say that’s my case right now. Between Twitter, and just wrapping up a live Qik stream of my BibleTech talk, I not only feel cool with it, but feel presented with the challenge to connect with all those folks that I missed.

Good thing there’s a Twitter list of BibleTech (twitter-chatting) attendees. Now to get to work.


BibleTech logoUnfortunately, sour planning and finances are keeping me from attending/speaking at BibleTech this year. That said, I’m still keeping some activity around Twitter towards interacting with those there and those who also wish they could be.

Also, even though I’m unable to get there, I have my presentation. The slide deck will be posted tomorrow at the time that I’m slated to be up speaking. For a preview, see this post at Mobile Ministry Magazine.

Sending and Receiving, or My Trails Since Leaving Normal Work

Mobile Minsitry Magazine logoI just realized that I don’t talk much on this site about what I do from day to day. Part of that is because I have MMM that’s not too far off to see that – but even then its not always clear what it is that I do. Getting a bit of a break in between two bigger slices of work this week, I’d like to talk some about what I do, but concentrate a bit more on what it is that I help people and organizations figure out.
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Convince Me

Palm Centro (Sprint) and Palm Treo 680 (Copper)I had a conversation the other day about the Palm Pre. Even two (or is it three) years since it was announced, it is one of the few mobile devices and platforms that makes me smile. I can look at the device and be reminded of the Treo models that I used to own (and liked a ton), and see also attention to thinking and moving towards a certain type of mobile-service future. Even when I got to play with the Palm Pixi (via Brighthand), I was impressed – though not convinced enough to move from where I was residing with mobile.
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Another from the Brighthand Archives

Can’t say that this one was my fault, but can totally remember what was going thru my mind when I wrote it.

Imagine if you will, six billion people own a mobile phone, laptop, or Tablet PC that is connected to the Internet via some type of wireless network — whether through a Wi-Fi, cellular-wireless, WiMAX, or some other networking method yet to come. Image that at the moment that all of those connections are made that we would just have the question of “what next?” Where does all of this accessibility, usability, and mobility lead to? What happens when this “nirvana” of mobile computing happens?

Read the rest of The Consequences of Mobile Computing at Brighthand. That was from 2006 (not long before Palm announced the Foleo, and possibly some aspect of Synergy nearly ready to release). I can only imagine what else is back there (been writing there since 2002-3).