Version 2.0

Business Card v2 - Share on OviSome days ago, I finally wrapped up a redesign of my landing page/business card. For as neat a project this has been to learn about CSS3, HTML5, and such, its become a mess in terms of its focus and I wanted to redesign it and get back to some of the core. Therefore its simple Version 2.0. A bit more than a landing page, a bit more than a single-pane business card, and a lot more focused.

More than A Landing Page

Back around v1.5, this became more than just a landing page. The hope was to centralize for myself much of the contact points for the activities that I’ve been about online. And while its been successful to some extent, it has just gotten messy in terms of presentation and dynamics.

This version strips away much of the work done (the color-filled CSS3 social media icons and some other fluff) and simply focuses on icons as specific points of interest. From each of the four main portals you can dive a step or two into some of the things that I do digitally. Much like a website, but its all actually living on one page.

I’ve done away with embedding RSS feeds into the page, and for now have taken away much of the microformat data that was embedded before. For one, if you’d need to connect via RSS, you’d be able to better do that through the streams offered from respective sites, and two – I’d not done the work to making everything hit just one RSS feed served by me. Microformat stuff will come back once I’ve solved a few other issues.

More than A Business Card

The other reason for doing this is that I was able to use an approach where I could use QR codes (either on my mobile or printed business cards) to point to this page, and people could make their own decision as to how they’d like to connect. Given that I have been phasing out email as a primary means of contact outside of specific business needs, this hasn’t been bad, just not as easily seen. That’s changed here – email is funneled through MMM unless you bother with social networks.

I also have wanted to move away from having a dedicated resume/CV and put more of the examples of work and past work out front. Its hard to do that without linking to items, but I think that I solved it pretty well here. I hope so… at least how it is, there’s room for growth (and template changes) beyond what was there before.

More Focused

Like I stated earlier, I liked the idea of my own landing page, but I felt that I was losing its original focus. This is simpler, and a touch more complex. I’ve got some more plumbing to do (especially since I saw this after I launched v2) – but I’m quite pleased with things so far.

So this is v2. Who knows where I go from here, but it does make for a nice note in my current portfolio. Let me know if you run into any issues; its still a learning experience.

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