The Best Connection Is Where You Are

Another Coffeeshop, Another Office Moment - Share on OviI could probably be called one of those guys who is a bit too passionate about mobile. Really, I have had a li that has revolved around some aspect of it for the better part of a decade. But, it has been only when the aspect of whatever mobile does connect you immediately to what your already looking for that it makes sense beyond “yea, and…” Ironically, it’s has taken the lack of usable Wi-Fi in the coffeeshop that I am sitting in as I type this for me to get it.

When I say usable, I mean the “free connection for customers only.” I don’t get that connection on my iPad or N97 right now. My N97 is being pressed into duty as a hotspot (with a low battery at that) because of this. And I am watching the faces of many here who look pretty possess because while they might have a book beside them, the ability to fact check immediately on their laptops has been harshly curtailed.

Hence the moment. Connectivity isn’t just best because it is there, but because it works best with the moment that you have. My moment right now is asking for rest, but 10min of playing with Wi-Fi makes no sense to me. it doesn’t make sense to anyone. So, we become our own hotspots, and deal with whatever other restrictions that might be present (lack of outlets, loud talkers, etc.) so that we can manage to carve out some space to get homework done.

And where we can’t get it done, because connectivity is limited or non-existent, we either create a spot of our own, or move on. That is the reality of connectivity today – which honestly seems no different than 5yrs ago. Are we moving forward?