The Pedals to 2011 Goals Began Sunday

2011 Trails and Goals Await - Share on Ovi2010 was a great year for me to get out and ride my bike. I made it a point to not just enjoy riding, but work towards a goal of being able to ride 50 miles before the biking season was over. I made it, and felt really good going into my winter hibernation that 2011 would be filled with more riding and a new challenge. This past Sunday, I was able to get in my first ride, and start working towards that new challenge.

This year’s challenge is for me to be able to ride 75 miles in one session. I know that it will be a lot harder than the 50 that I was able to nearly nail last year, but I look forward to that.

I learned a lot about my body, about biking, and little things to pay attention to this year as I go towards that goal. One thing in particular is that I know that to make this goal, I’ll need to have better sleeping and eating patterns. I’m already seeing that much being a challenge, and hope to get that settled sooner rather than later.

Like last year, I’m not placing my goal on a specific city. I really wasn’t sure if I’d make it around Charlotte, DC, or somewhere else to meet my goal. I just knew that it made sense for me to continue to do the small coffee-shop rides until I got comfortable. I took a chance on a Sunday ride, and that flat out knocked me out – but it was good because I got to see exactly where I needed to be in order to do 50. I’ll need to do a few of those 30mi Sunday rides this year, and probably find a lighter (really, more road-centric) bike to do a 50mi ride this year.

This is Where 2011 Starts - Share on OviI’m not limited. I see the road ahead of me as being empty and ready for me to enjoy. Its one part adventure and another part personal challenge to keep growing in other areas. Who knows where the wheels will lead this time – but if anything like the past is an indication, I’ll enjoy everyone that I meet along the way.

Side Note: Its not really part of the goal, but if I could acquire a new bike in the mode of either the Trek District Carbon or that personalized Madone I designed at Project One, I’d be on top of this goal in no time :p