Sprint’s Echo Reminds Me of Kyocera’s Difference to the Norm

Kyocera 7135 Palm OS SmartphoneRight around the time people were starting to get tired of Palm Pilots, the idea of adding a cellular antenna within them came into vogue. While there was the Handspring Visor with its Springboard module that got some people’s attention, what I really wanted at the time was either the Samsung i550 or Kyocera 7135. These were different than other phones at the time (they had a PDA in them), and they were also different from PDAs (they had a phone in them). Different, and not from the leaders for those platforms.

The other day, Kyocera pulled that off again. And I hope that this echoes into the mobile world just like they did before – albeit with more success this time around. Continue reading “Sprint’s Echo Reminds Me of Kyocera’s Difference to the Norm”