Fix to the Music Library Refresh Error on the N97

Nokia N97 (via Brighthand)Some months ago, I posted that I was considering how to best move to a streaming music solution due to an error with my N97 and how the music library didn’t refresh. It seems that after a few days from the N97, and a chance look back at a solution for someone else, that I might have found the solution.

Description of the Issue

You add some new MP3s to your N97 (or other Nokia Symbian device) and the Music Library throws up an error message (saying General System Error 0).

If you are like me, you would have searched online for the solution, which would have brought you to this post at the Nokia Support Forms, and then found that it didn’t work and you’d been left without any music showing in your library.

Description of the Solution

Using the aformentioned solution as a starting guide, this is what I did:

  • Connected N97 to a Windows PC in Mass Storage mode
  • Opened My Computer, clicked on Tools >  Folder Options; navigated to the the tab View, and selected Show Hidden Files and Folders
  • Navigated first to my microSDHC card – deleted the files in the folders as noted in the solution posted here
  • Navigated then to the 32GB partition and deleted not only the files in the folders noted, but also the folder 101ffca9
  • Navigated to the root of the 32GB partition and deleted the file 101ffca9 (can’t remember the extension)
  • Disconnected the N97 from the PC using the Safely Remove Hardware (Disk Dismount and Eject) command
  • Opened the Music Player app
  • Navigated to All Songs to ensure that I couldn’t see anything
  • Manually initiated the Refresh Music Library command
  • 2000+ songs later, say and played music

Additional Notes

I am not sure if this is something that will come back. This issue seems to have come up for me when I added new MP3s to my device with a manual drag-and-drop. The files added were purchased from Amazon.

There was no issue with the files on the microSDHC card as they played just fine in my other Symbian device, an N95.

I am noticing that the library thumbnails are refreshing a good bit slower than they had before, but I attribute this to my microSD and the slow speed of the 32GB memory.

Hopefully, this is something that will work for many of you. It sure did bug the utter mess out of me the past many months. Cheers.