Mobiles Interdependent of Networks

Of the various thoughts and stories that I’ve had in mind from this past weekend’s trip, one that’s come back up to my eyes because (again) of the situation happening with web and phone access in Egypt, has been this idea of mobile devices that could survive, even if only for a small time, without the need of a carrier network. Continue reading “Mobiles Interdependent of Networks”

Fix to the Music Library Refresh Error on the N97

Nokia N97 (via Brighthand)Some months ago, I posted that I was considering how to best move to a streaming music solution due to an error with my N97 and how the music library didn’t refresh. It seems that after a few days from the N97, and a chance look back at a solution for someone else, that I might have found the solution. Continue reading “Fix to the Music Library Refresh Error on the N97”