Business Card v1.9

Business Card v1.9 - Share on OviAnother week and another tweak to my landing page/business card. Version 1.9 is the name of things this time around, but more because of what’s been done on the presentation layer, more than a programming one.

The changes with this version all occurred, with the exception of a few pieces of text, within the CSS used for this page. I am currently using an embedded style sheet to serve the graphics that you see, and this style sheet is designed to be first mobile-friendly, then PC-platform browser friendly, and now, print friendly.

General changes included the left-alignment of the business card, to account for the new background image that shows on the PC view of the page. A color scheme change has also occurred – going with more grey/metal tones instead of the green/orange from the last update. The picture for the PC background view comes from the set of pictures taken during last December’s Mobile Ministry Forum.

The major change is the addition of the print styles. Previously, the print view was a horrible mashup of the mobile/PC view, and now this is taken care of to be a separate view. There are no social media icons in this view, replaced by a QR Code which is essentially a download of the information that’s shown on the page. I am using the pseudo-class “:after” in order to add some instructions there for those who might go this route, see the code, and get confused (the same technique is being used to add caption text to the background image on the PC view).

That’s about it for this version. I’m exploring the best route to go with a consolidated RSS feed, instead of the mess that I have there now. I’d also like to add a few more social media icons – which might mean a design change for all of them since its officially crowded. The next version (2.0) should also see some more pure HTML5 functions pulled out to be used – its all on me to learn and apply them.

As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

About this Digital Business Card/Landing Page Experiment

The digital business card/landing page experiment is something that I’ve embarked on to assist me in keeping an avenue of learning some applications of mobile and web technologies.

The design of this card respects the physical and virtual networks that I am surrounded by being an access point to communication and activities. From that page, one can contact me in any way that I’ve deemed necessary.

In respect to it being hosted on a mobile web server, this is toemphasize and grow my use of mobile and to better understand an Internet that is accountable directly to my actions, rather than relying on too many other layers towards keeping things going.

This is a work in progress, and can many times not work. But, that’s the point of experiments – to do what hasn’t been done, and answer the questions before others get there.

If you would like to know more about me doing this project; just poke me by one of the communication icons present on the card.