Short Thinks

Am writing this while in midst of a few days of travel this week. Post-published as usual. Just some things that this nomadic-becoming guy is pushing thru, dropped one paragraph at a time.

Dual Device Living

Would I have purchased and iPad if I were able to purchase and use efficiently a mobile (phone) which had dual 3.5-4in screens but tilted like my N97 does? While I am appreciative of the larger screen of the iPad, it amounts to an extra device, and one where I think it should not been a compromise to get this in respect to me and mobility.

C6-01: Needs A Better Name

I saw a comparison of the Nokia C7 and C6-01 recently. Despite the C7 being a better device overall. I see the C6-01 as more attractive for a mobile. Maybe it is the smaller size with similar feature footprint. It just seems like it would be one of those devices that is just a few good eyeballs and carrier inclusion away from being a home run for Nokia. Too bad the name and this market would be hard-pressed to see that.

Letting Go of Voicemail

This past week I officially let go of voicemail (a step beyond Ewan’s approach). Changed my VM message to say that I would not receive them. Sounds weird, but given that we can send MMS messages to one another, which can include audio, it would make sense to use the tech right? Well, I hope so. Just waiting for a few more people to text me “oh well, since you want it this way.” Dealing with companies will be different. Will have to figure out how best to handle that end since anonymous numbers I rarely pick up. And yes, this would be easier, smarter if I invested in HulloMail (when budget allows, I probably will); I enjoyed SpinVox for this reason.


In respect to parts of my life, I have been hearing different, but not conflicting messages concerning number of areas. There are a few in particular which will ripple in unseen ways. By faith I am trusting that I will make the right decisions, but heart I am scared poopless.


HTML5 has a logo. It’s not one of those for validation, just more or less a sign of support and in some cases, the fact that you are looking at a page writtten in HTML5. I have only put an icon on my landing page/business card, but really I should do that for my poetry. Seeing that there is a bit more to play with in e HTML5 spec because of this too. Maybe some things that will address some of the performance issues that I notice (despite running from a mobile).

Living in Belief

As I read some of the comments by Cook during the Apple earnings call from this week, I realized that Apple thinks through their systems. They ask the right questions, keep sound focuses. They don’t get it always right, but they do plan and execute really well. I wonder about myself and my efforts in light of that. I am always questioning access, plans, execution, and then reflecting again on just about everything. But, it is only when I do things that I believe in, and take the care to them they are due, that I don’t mind the perception or outtake, because it hits it’s target. I need to work more on staying in that space.

Digital Book Design

I don’t struggle like I used to when it came to my poetry. Once I nailed the format specs for Elephants, I pretty much knew that I had something solid and a few steps away from redefining how I look at books whether on an iPad, smartphone, or in print. Which is where this article at A List Apart comes in – sure, its asking some of the same questions, and they are more technical at finding a solution. But, you can see that there is a bit of adventure that’s being taken in the avenues for digital book designs. I like being a part of this story too.